You’ve asked for it and we’re more than happy to deliver it. This patch will include an improved feature: executions!

The Hunters’ bloodlust has reached its apex, and there’s only one thing that can satiate them: Executions!

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your continued support. Whether you’ve played the game, shared feedback, participated in various community platforms, or even been a long-time lurker, you’ve demonstrated that you believe in the development of Deathgarden and what it can become.

Approximately one month ago, the Deathgarden reboot hit Steam. It was a remarkable challenge but thanks to your support BLOODHARVEST has given the game a second life.

A product of his environment, Dash is a Scavenger who knows that speed keeps you out of the crosshairs. He grew up pushing his luck, breaking into the Garden at night and honing his skills in the dusty, blood-soaked desert of Minneapolis. He called it his training grounds but secretly, he knew what it was—a playground where he could dream of taking part in The Bloodharvest.

We’re up and running with our third content update patch. We’ve received a lot of feedback since Fire in the Sky and we want to thank you for that. We plan to keep improving Deathgarden with frequent updates, so today we’re introducing a new scavenger, as well as the Mercy mechanic.

It’s been two weeks since we launched Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST, and the community’s response has been nothing short of amazing. We are very grateful for your support and hope you will keep enjoying the game, as we’re improving mechanics, fixing bugs and releasing exciting new content on a regular basis.

Hey everyone! We already have an update for you. Today, we release our 5th map and our Prestige System. New Procedural Map: Dust & Blood.

Dear Deathgarden community, It is with optimism, excitement and a little bit of nervousness that we come to you today in the midst of our big reboot update.

We’re thrilled to announce that Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST, our major update, goes live on May 30th 2019 at 1:00 pm EST! Read more about the updated price point, Steam Free Weekend, & Compensation Plan.

We’ve created the following compensation plan to thank our community and early adopters. Thank you for your patience and continued support throughout Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST’s development.

We’ve overhauled Deathgarden’s progression system. Once the reboot patch goes live, you’ll earn currency for the various actions you accomplish in the arena. Use different types of currency to unlock and upgrade your characters’ Powers, Perks, and Weapons. You can also use your currency to access new characters.

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