Game Modes

Matches can be separated in three distinct phases

Phase 1 
Entering The Garden

Runners enter the Garden a few seconds before the Hunter does.
During this time, Runners should mark important objects and upgrade their Powered Bolts.

After a brief period, the Hunter jumps in, and the main match phase begins.

Phase 2
The Match

A game mode is chosen randomly at the start of each match. There are currently two available game modes: Capture matches and Gather & Deliver matches. 



  1. Runners must capture two of the three Capture Objectives found in the Garden. To capture an Objective, Runners must stand in the Capture Objective area for a set period;

    1. Capture Progress resets when Runners leave the Capture Objective area, unless they've reached the halfway mark
    2. Runners standing in a Capture Objective area arerevealed
  2. Once Runners complete two Capture Objectives, two Exits open and the Blood Mode is activated. Runners can escape by any of the two Exits.

Specific objects

Capture objective

Three Capture Objective points (A-B-C) are scattered across the Garden. 

You are revealed when you stand in the Capture Point loading zone.

Gather & Deliver


  1. Runners need to gather Keys from Dispenser Stations and take these Keys to the different Delivery Points found in the Garden; 

    1. Runners are revealed when they carry a Key. However, they can drop their key a few seconds after picking it up; Once they drop the key, they are no longer revealed.
  2. Runners must bring a total of three Keys to a Delivery Point before fully capturing said point;
  3. Once the Runners complete two Delivery Points, two Exits open and the Blood Mode is activated. Runners can escape by any of the two Exits.

Specific objects

Gather Points

Three Gather points appear randomly in the Garden. It takes a few seconds to gather a Key from it. 

Delivery Points

Three Key Delivery Points (A-B-C) are scattered in the Garden. Each possesses three slots, which correspond to the number of keys you must deliver.

Phase 3
Blood mode

Blood Mode is activated once the Runners have completed their objective. A few seconds after the Exits open, Blood Mode activates and all Runners are revealed. During Blood Mode, the Hunter can execute a downed Runner on the spot. If three Runners manage to reach the Exits and escape the Garden, the Runner Team wins. If the Hunter executes three Runners, the Hunter wins. 

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