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Dash der Thrillseeker

Dash ist in den Deathgarden eingebrochen und kennt nur eine Geschwindigkeit: schneller.



Juli 11, 2019

Patch 0.1.4: Gruesome Executions

You’ve asked for it and we’re more than happy to deliver it. This patch will include an improved feature: executions!

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Juli 9, 2019

New feature: execution animations

The Hunters’ bloodlust has reached its apex, and there’s only one thing that can satiate them: Executions!

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Juli 4, 2019

A letter from the devs

First and foremost, we want to thank you for your continued support. Whether you’ve played the game, shared feedback, participated in various community platforms, or even been a long-time lurker, you’ve demonstrated that you believe in the development of Deathgarden and what it can become.

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